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Covartex is a textile company, located in Córdoba (Spain) and dedicated to the manufacture of trousers. Our products are made entirely in Spain ensuring a controlled process and completely supervised by our experts. This allows us to achieve a high quality and an adequate product sustainability in all processes until delivery to the customer.

Our company

Our history

Environmental awareness


Our company

Sample of some of our current manufacturing processes and work facilities.

Creation of patterns and markings.

The patterns of the trousers and their sizes are digitally made helping to achieve an optimal use of the tissues and thus reducing the amount of waste in the cutting process. This is part of our commitment to sustainable development.

Processing line for fabrics.

This line is composed of an automatic stretcher cart and a table with a conveyor system where the tissue will be prepared and then inserted into the cutting plotter.

Automatic extended fabric.

This operation is carried out with an automatic extending carriage. To do this, you must introduce in the control panel the lenght and number of layers of tissue that you need and in this way, to perform the extended process autonomously.

Supervision of layered fabric spread.

By extending the fabric automatically, the person in charge can concentrate all their attention on the review of possible tares or defects in the fabric to ensure the maximum final quality of the trousers.

Automatic cutting plotter

This is the cutter head of the plotter that automatically and controlled by computer is cutting precisely each piece that we have entered inside the marked.

Cutting process control

From this computer we connect with the database of marked, where we will call the one we want to cut the fabric that we have spread on the table for its subsequent cutting process.

Fabric in the process of cutting.

We can see on the monitor in a more intense green the pieces that are being cut and how they are coming out of the conveyor belt and finished for their collection and packaging.

Jeans finished cutting.

Once all the pieces of the garment are collected, there are traces of fabric that are transformed into recycling centers as part of the commitment to the environment of our company.

Final review of a garment.

All finished trousers are checked one by one to locate any manufacturing defect and be corrected before shipping to our customers.

Environmental awareness

As part of our environmental commitment, we are in favor of sustainable environmental awareness supporting initiatives that are geared towards reeducation to achieve greater environmental awareness and recycling based on sustainable maintenance of the natural resources of our planet, always with the objective of preserving our natural spaces, without which the survival of all would not be possible, let us not forget that our environment is the basis of life for all the species that inhabit the Earth.
To achieve this goal we must agree, organizations, governments, companies and each and every one of us as individuals. To take care of our planet is to take care of ourselves!


Confecciones Vargas, S.L.
St. Mediodía, 17
14400 - Pozoblanco
Córdoba - Spain
Email: vargas@covartex.com

Textile company dedicated to the design and manufacture of trousers in Pozoblanco. This city is located 77km from Córdoba (Spain) in the middle of the Pedroches Valley.

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